Animation Dingle: Part 3

After a not-so-brief hiatus, induced by finishing up college and launching into the working world, it’s at last time for my final instalment of my Dingle blogs. If this is your first time on my blog, check out Part 1 and Part 2, because we’re about to dive in where I left off.


I had a whole spiel I had wanted to write about the awards (most of which I’ve forgotten at this stage mind you) about the atmosphere, the speeches, etc. But now you can experience the awards for yourself, as Animation Dingle put it up on their YouTube channel!

Here’s some of the moments I loved from the night:

And then there was the party afterwards. Oh, the dancing! It was brilliant to see everyone chatting and dancing their hearts out, because in our industry we are often glued to our desks, often work ourselves to the bone. It’s so nice to see everyone take a step back from all of that for a night and celebrate the fruits of our labour. Not to mention how inclusive and nonjudgmental it all was. All the nerves were banished (OK, that might have been the alcohol folks had consumed) and the dance floor was the great common ground for students and professionals alike. Just a bunch of nerds giving it socks. That’s my kind of shindig.


Before we knew it, we were climbing the steps of the bus and setting off for Dublin again…

We were all completely and utterly knackered on the bus home – clearly we’d had too much fun! Having caught the sketching bug again over the past two days, I was drawing in my sketchbook the whole way home. Inspired by Ben’s map in Song of the Sea, I sketched out the landmarks and events that stood out to me on this whole trip to Dingle. When I got home, I decided to go the whole hog and make a project out of it. Now that I’ve had a bit of downtime after finishing college, I finally finished the project! Here’s the resulting map and video below. I chose my favourite landmarks sketches from the bus journey and illustrated them using a brush pen. I then put them together in Photoshop, and composited them in After Effects.

May or may not be working on some Dingle-related artwork… It seems I caught the sketching bug while I was there ^_^

— Lynn O’Reilly (@AtticCreationz) March 16, 2015

Dingle Map - Still Image


Now for the last few thoughts I had about the trip. There were a few small disappointments along the way. This was mainly because there were so many great events on and yet there was no way I’d be able to make it to them all. So I guess that’s both a blessing and a curse! If there was any drawbacks to the festival at all (and let’s face it, the festival was so fun and well-organised that finding any flaws is a difficult task!) it would be the distance between the hotel and the other main venues, the Church and the Phoenix Cinema. Not that the distance was huge – it was only a short walk after all. But it make a subtle impact, because many of the events had overlapping times and were laid out between the hotel and the church. If you ran late from one event, you missed the beginning of another event. I was particularly disappointed I didn’t get to see the Irish shorts (as there were many I had heard a lot about but hasn’t seen yet) and the college level shorts (I would have liked to have supported my friends films and seen films from other colleges). But, naturally, one can’t do EVERYTHING, or else I would have exhausted myself and thus wouldn’t have enjoyed the events at all. The events I did attend were amazing, and I had a great time in spite of missing those films.

I have a few small regrets on my own part. For one, I regret that I didn’t get to chat a lot with people outside my class-group. Our sister college, the University of Dundee, also made a class trip out of the festival. But because everyone was going from event to event all day, I didn’t get to chat to many Dundee students. Thankfully we were seated at nearby tables on the night of the Awards, and we finally got to properly chat with each other, but the next morning it was back to Dublin for us. If I were to organize the trip again, I would have tried to buy us more time to socialize with them on the Saturday.

I also feel a small pang of regret for not taking part in the Speed Pitch event – such things are invaluable to students and entry level folks, and I hope the event returns again in Dingle 2016. But I knew it was best not to put pressure on myself to do it. The BCFE trip itself took so much time and energy to put together in my downtime between college that I declined to enter, lest I overwhelm myself, and that I don’t regret. That said, I will certainly be making up for it next year if I am lucky enough to get the opportunity!

In the grand scheme of things though, the positives far outweigh my small regrets. If you’ve never been to Dingle before, I would definitely recommend going – in case it wasn’t evident from these blogs! I mean, there’s oodles more gushing I could do, but I think I’ve dragged this on long enough. I may have I used the word amazing too much in these posts, but I hope it doesn’t lessen the feeling I’m trying to convey with the word. The point is, I really hope the events of Animation Dingle stick around for years to come, and I hope that the Irish Animation Awards happen every year. I think events such as Animation Dingle are fantastic, and dare I say it, a vital part of the industry. Daniel Spencer, Managing Director at Giant Animation, summed it up best in his own blog post about Dingle:

“Congratulations to the Irish animation industry for making such an impact on the international animation market that it merits an award ceremony like the Irish Animation Awards.”

I don’t know if I say it too much or too little, but it’s experiences like my time at Dingle that make me so happy, proud and fortunate to be not just an animation student, but an Irish animation student. I love these fascinating, hardworking, witty, nerdy people.

At this stage, I think I’ve used too many adjectives so I best wrap this up. Until next time,



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